Reducing operative fleet costs with AVL in EyeVi mobile mapping projects

Why AVL?
We have used AVL for managing our fleet in several EyeVi mobile mapping projects, and it has increased our work efficiency significantly. Using AVL helps us to cover more kilometers in shorter timeframes, while also keeping our vehicles safe, and maintaining a reasonable workload for our project manager. 

How can the project manager keep track of the whole project?
Various reports give the project manager a detailed overview of the project’s status. For example:

  • What is the total time and distance driven?
  • How many unique kilometers were covered within a day?
  • How much time did the vehicles spend in the parking lots and in service?
  • What is the fuel consumption of each vehicle?
  • How much of the planned area has already been covered?
  • What is the estimated time to cover the entire planned area?

These are the main reports that our project manager needs. Based on a specific project, we can also create custom reports.

How would you summarize the benefits of using AVL?

  • Increased vehicle security
  • Overview of vehicles’ locations at any time
  • Increased work efficiency of both the fleet manager and the drivers/vehicles​

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