Artificial intelligence (AI): how it works and why to use it?

In our everyday lives, we rely more and more on technology. The world is moving towards automating processes to make people’s lives more comfortable, easier, and safer. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), the automation progress is moving forward from baby steps to the strides of a grown man. AI use can be found […]
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XAIS and EyeVi complete first fully automated survey in London

The 30th June 2021 proved to be a landmark day for EyeVi and XAIS as an innovative project with Barnet Council came to a successful conclusion – resulting in 761 km worth of road data being analyzed within 10 datasets and 2,654 areas of interest being detected. The collaboration was of significant value for both […]
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Connecting the dots between predictive road maintenance, road safety inspection, and traffic management

Mobility is something so essential to our daily lives that only when it’s absent we notice it. Traveling from city to city or between different destinations within a city is so commonplace we don’t even think about it. However, ineffective or poorly executed road maintenance, road safety inspections, and traffic management can cause restrictions on […]
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EyeVi AI Illustration

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in defect detection of roads infrastructure

Rapid developments in the research of artificial intelligence (AI) make it possible to transfer tasks that are repetitive and tedious but at the same time complex in nature and attention- and precision-demanding from humans to machines. Moreover, using AI makes procedures of the given tasks quicker and therefore cost-effective. Road inspection for deterioration can be […]
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EyeVi & UT Autonomous Driving Lab

Making autonomous vehicles viable

Every year the dream of sitting in a vehicle that drives from point a to point b without a driver seems ever closer. Startups, the automotive industry, universities, and more are working on the problem daily, but the reality of owning a fully automated personal vehicle is still some ways away. Hardware and software are […]
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