Predictive road maintenance

Capture fresh data. Inspect road
conditions. Inventory road defects.
Sustain regular update rates.

Traffic management

Extract road attributes, traffic signs.
Map and measure roadside objects,
and more

Smart cities

Generate navigational datasets for autonomous vehicles. Innovate with 3D digital twins of cities,
and more

Hardware and sensors

360° panoramic camera, LIDAR scanner, and GNSS/INS system, easily mountable to any vehicle.

Data production software

Automated data processing pipelines generate ready to use panorama, ortho and point cloud datasets.

AI feature extraction

From road defects and attributes, to roadside objects, measurements, and more.
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Company & Mission

EyeVi provides on-demand mapping technology for transport infrastructure management, consulting, and solutions companies. 

From modest beginnings to project cooperations across 5 continents, our mission is to make 3D mapping accessible and infrastructure management sustainable. 

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Applied research for creating a cost-effective interchangeable 3D spatial data infrastructure with survey-grade accuracy

Research and creation of new spatial data infrastructure to manage, standardize and integrate a variety of data from different sources, while maintaining a high level of data accuracy. The project will create a methodology that will greatly reduce the costs involved and improve accessibility, efficiency and user-friendliness. Automated information recognition is used throughout the process. The result opens up new possibilities for managing and developing the 3D Smart Cities of the future.

Grant amount: 1 663 200 €