Our pricing model

Hardware and Software as a Service

EyeVi full mobile mapping solution includes hardware (monthly rental) and software (km/mi based) as a service. After signing the contract, we ship you the physical equipment and provide your team with the necessary training (on-site or remote), so you can start capturing and producing data within days. Throughout your project, our expertise and additional technical support is available.

Hardware and sensors

We are constantly testing and assessing new sensors in terms of cost vs accuracy. Please ask about our current equipment setup & fit with your project requirements.

Data production software

Producing ready to use panorama, ortho and point cloud datasets, managing data capture on the field to automated data processing pipelines in the office.

AI feature extraction

With our team of 12 AI scientists, we are constantly adding new capabilities to the product and to the R&D roadmap.

The 10X difference

The goal for most of our clients is to provide a service in their operating markets and produce a result for their customers. With EyeVi, this does not require a large upfront investment into hardware or needing to build up these systems yourself (even larger investment). As a technology provider, that's what we focus on, so you can focus on your business and get a great ROI on every single project.

EyeVi equipment rental

Per Month
  • 360° panoramic camera
  • LIDAR scanner
  • GNSS/INS system

Data production software

Per Km
  • Data capture
  • Operations module
  • Data processing

AI feature extraction

Per Km
  • Road defects & road attributes detection
  • Roadside objects detection
  • Visual verification and correction

Clients and partners